Why This Site

Doing the right thing matters.  Apologizing for mis-steps and harm done to others can heal breeches in trust which grow into chasms, bringing in their wake life changing harm.  

Such breeches can be healed, and should be.  When they are not it is appropriate to bring these into the light of day.   

 This is one of the functions of conscience. 

This site is dedicated to telling the stories, as moralities plays, of people who did harm to me at a time in my life when I was fighting to save my disabled son, Arthur, and struggling with abject poverty and fear.  Many were people I trusted and believed were my friends, part of my extended family.  Others were people I thought could be trusted or who abused power for their own profit.  

In all those years not one person contacted me to ask, "Hey, what is going on here.  So and So said this.  What is your side of the story?"

I was slandered and taken advantage of over and over again.  

Deceit and allowing abuse by others of people we know is wrong.  Remaining silence so you can benefit by receiving benefits should be unthinkable.  

This is going up now because things are changing and you can never, never trust someone who did not have the initiative to apologize and do the right thing when there was no advantage for doing so. 

Each of the people below have a story which will be told.

Eric Garris
Justin Raimondo
Jack Dean
Michael Emerling Cloud 
Craig Franklin 
Ruth Bennett 
Mark Hinkle
Bob Poole 
Lew Rockwell